Should I change course, knowing that I’m not sure if I will succeed?

Hello my name is Ammi and I’m currently in college for a degree in marketing, I’ve always been passionate about fashion but my college just open a new career fashion design with a focus on marketing, my question would be should I change knowing that I’m not sure if I will succeed or not or keep it in the safe career as marketing?

Helen Brown

Helen Brown


Hello Ammi,

If we only did things in life that were safe, we wouldn’t have advanced very far as a human race. Is this about making the safe decision or the right decision? When considering these two, I would advise that it is better to do something you are really passionate about as inevitably there will be times when the work gets too hard, the hours too long, the people too difficult, the money too little and if you really love what you do, you might just find enough energy to see your way through it. 



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