My dyspraxia is preventing me from fulfilling my potential. Help!

Dear Helen,

I thought I would write to you and I got your details from Brand Republic and what you will read below is something you perhaps haven’t encountered before.

If you look at my Linkedin profile you will see I am an professional with diverse experiences in Sports Marketing, Sponsorship, Media, Advertising. I have had good success in these but you will see also that I have darted around a bit and not followed a systematic career path like a lot of other people.

This is not to say I lack any of the qualities needed to be very successful: good qualifications, passion, enthusiasm, drive, determination, creative, original thinker, solution solver, attention to detail, seeing the bigger picture etc

However, I have Dyspraxia and I believe therefore I have not advanced as far as I have ought to given my capabilities and competencies.

I genuinely have good rapport with people but have great difficult dealing with the hustle and bustle of office environments. This causes me great frustration as I  am then unable to produce the level of work I am more that capable of producing.

In fact my strategic abilities, the ability to spot commercial revenue opportunities has been very strong but then I have had the difficulty with administration and using all the company systems etc. It is not that I am incapable of using these just that I don’t see how to use them as clearly as others and have to learn systems and apply them to memory. Many times people don’t have the patience to show me as they have their own agendas, timetables, pressures etc

I know for a fact if I could find the right commercial position in advertising, media spheres, was given extra administrative, system training prior to starting a lucrative role I would fly! Unfortunately. up to now I have not really fulfilled my potential – even though I have done some great work for the companies I have worked for.

It is not all bad at all as I am good at strategy, commercial partnership development, have a creative eye, can present well, have a a steely determination, burning ambition to have a very successful business career and speak several European Languages which has meant I have been able to develop a lot of lucrative partnerships with big brand clients.

I am definitely not your normal candidate and have a lot to offer the right employer.

Just looking for that CEO, Director who can recognize/tap into my talents, my abilities and help to channel them accordingly.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to your suggestions/recommendations.




Helen Brown

Helen Brown

Dear Alex,


I am not in a position to comment on any effect dyspraxia may or may not have had on your career trajectory, nor do I have enough information from you to know whether under the terms of the Disability Discrimination Act, your previous employers took reasonable adjustments to accommodate your needs.

 However, as requested I have viewed your LinkedIn profile and I noticed two things; firstly that you have spent an average of 2+ years in each business since being an intern which is quite acceptable tenure at this stage of your career and secondly, that you are currently an account director, a level achieved in less than 10 years which again is what I’d expect to see on your resume. Your personal expectations may exceed mine as an employer Alex but I wouldn’t necessarily think you had in any way under achieved in your career to date.

 If you have not done so already, may I suggest that when you are offered a role with an employer you request a meeting with HR or the Learning and Development Manager to share knowledge about your dyspraxia and how the employer can give appropriate support to minimise its symptoms and maximise your performance (and therefore value) for their business. It’s often a lack of understanding rather interest that make employers not offer the help that is required.    

 Kind regards,


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