Do I really need a marketing / digital qualification?

Hi Helen,

I have worked in market research and in the marketing department of my university for few months while studying. I am currently working in product support/client experience for digital marketing and event marketing software. I have started my fashion & beauty blog few months ago and have also been approached by few upcoming brands to feature them on my blog. I am looking to transition into fashion and beauty marketing as a full-time career. Do you think getting a formal fashion marketing/digital marketing qualification would be helpful or should I look for some internships or freelancing?

Any advice is much appreciated.

Thanks so much,


Helen Brown

Helen Brown

Hi D.,

It makes a welcome change to get an email from someone who is already helping themselves get what they want out of their career.  You are already gaining relevant experience in both digital and marketing as well as writing your own blog.

I like your ambition and approach and I’m sure other employers will also appreciate your efforts. Continue with the blog and try to increase your readership and, if possible, link to larger sites with editorial content and brands. Build this up so that you can demonstrate a working knowledge of digital marketing when contacting the brands you wish to work for. When it comes to working in the fashion and beauty sector, there are many options that may not be immediately obvious.

Do you want to work for an advertising/PR/media/marketing agency that has F&B brands as clients or do you wish to work within the marketing department of the brands themselves? Which area of marketing do you wish to focus on; editorial, buying, PR? Some research online will give you an idea as to the departmental structures so try and get some clarity in our own mind first as it will help focus your efforts.

Have you thought about contacting the marketing departments of FMCG brands such as Johnson & Johnson, P&G or Unilever? Likewise, there are a plethora of high-street fashion chains, or even the larger departmental stores.

Whilst this might not be quite what you have in mind, these marketers have related F&B products and more importantly offer unparalleled experience and career development for their employees. In all cases a degree definitely helps open doors (as long as it’s a high grade from a good university) but if you keep working in relevant businesses and build up your own profile through your blog, formal qualifications start to matter less.

One last thing; can I suggest you double check your emails before sending them off to any prospective employer, there are a few small errors in yours. Good luck and I look forward to hearing about your own fashion or beauty brand sometime in the future.

Kind regards,


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